Looking ahead: 2019 Bearcats football schedule

Looking ahead: 2019 Bearcats football schedule

With less than 80 days to go until the kickoff of the 2019 Bearcats football season (as of 6/11), it’s time to take a look ahead at the 2019 schedule, including the at least 8 games that we plan to be in attendance for.


  • 8/29 – UCLA – the season kicks off at night, on national primetime TV, with all eyes on historic Nippert Stadium vs a UCLA squad looking for revenge on a surprising upset in the Rose Bowl in 2018.  We’ll be there with bells on for an all day, on campus tailgate.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor and take Friday off of work.



  • 09/07 – @ Ohio State – OSU’s last loss vs an Ohio school came in 1921 vs Oberlin.  Could this be the year?  Coming off an 11-2 season, the Bearcats seem to have reloaded and should be as talented as they’ve ever been in this face off with that team from Columbus.  We’ll be there – tailgate details are still TBD, but we’ll likely follow a similar plan as we did in 2014.  With a noon kickoff (ABC), we’ll be heading up the night before and already have rooms booked.


  • 09/14 – Miami – regardless of the result in Columbus, it’ll be nice to return to Nippert to extend the longest winning streak in the Victory Bell series to 14 straight.  Sorry, Redhawks – you had a chance to kick us while we were down and you failed.


  • 09/28 – @ Marshall – we still have a bad taste in our mouths after the 2017 matchup at Nippert.  This time, we’ll be taking the show on the road to Huntington (instead of streaming the game on Facebook – way to go, C-USA).  Tailgate details to come, but we’ll be making the ~3 hour drive on Saturday morning, tailgating, and celebrating amongst the locals.  Plan to join us.



  • 10/04 – UCF – to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, so it’s time to retake our spot at the top.  Another night game at Nippert on primetime ESPN and we’ll be ready.  


  • 10/12 – @ Houston – at the moment, we have no plans to attend this game, but will do our best to help coordinate an organized UC front.


  • 10/19 – Tulsa – while it’s way too early to know, with Tulsa coming off a 3-9 season, this one should be little more than a speed bump on the way to another double digit win season for the Bearcats.  Lets hope for another night matchup at Nippert.



  • 11/02 – @ ECU – while Greenville is on the list of places to tailgate while we’re still in this conference (šŸ¤ž), it won’t be this year.  As always, we’ll do our best to help organize a tailgate with those who are making the trip.


  • 11/09 – UConn – with one of the latest scheduled Homecoming games in recent memory, the Huskies come to town having won 13 games in the last 4 seasons.  Will Randy Edsall turn things around or will we be celebrating another victory over our old Big East foes?  We’ll bring the beer.


  • 11/16 – @ USF – at the moment, we have no plans to attend this game, but will do our best to help coordinate an organized UC front.


  • 11/23 – Temple – we owe Temple.  Regardless of how the season plays out, up to this point, Nippert will be rowdy and we’ll do our part to make certain of it.


  • 11/29 – @ Memphis – at the moment, we have no plans to attend this game (subject to change), but will do our best to help coordinate an organized UC front. 


December and beyond

  • 12/07 – AAC championship game – is this the year that we host home game # 7?


  • Bowl game – barring an odd ball, mid week trip to the other side of the planet, we’ll be there!


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