About Us


Who Are We

We are fans – students, alumni, friends, family, etc – who show our support for our team, both on The Grid and on the road, wherever the schedule may take us!  We are not exclusive – if you love the Bearcats, you are one of us and we encourage you to make plans to tailgate with us!

Our Mission

To unify Cincinnati fans, both home and away, to ensure the best pre-game tailgating and post-game celebrating!  We will post plans (including maps, hotel information, etc) for all games that we’re able to attend – we want to be the hub where Cincinnati fans get ALL of their tailgating information!  We encourage you to contact us if you’re able to host an away game tailgate, particularly one that we’re not already planning to attend.

Our Rules

  • All are welcome (including visiting fans)!  Represent yourself, our group, and UC by creating a welcoming, safe, and fun environment!
  • Be responsible for your guests (if you bring knuckleheads, know that it’ll reflect on you).  In other words, “don’t be a dick!”
  • BYOB – community beer is an encouraged contribution, however, we do not, as a practice, provide free beer.  Simply put, the expense (and liability) is not worth it.
  • Clean up after yourself – UC is a beautiful campus – let’s keep it that way by throwing all leftover trash and food in appropriate garbage/recycling cans
  • Contribute in some way.  There are MANY ways to help keep our tailgate going – show up early to help setup, help tear down before we head to the stadium, help clean up our area, bring food, stuff some money in our donation box, etc.
  • Have fun and root for the Bearcats (regardless of the outcome of the game)!

The Flag

In a region dominated by several so-called “Power 5” schools, we’ve always felt that the City of Cincinnati flag is our best unifying icon.  Not only does it signify the city and university that we love, the Latin phrase “Juncta Juvant”, meaning Strength in Unity, is also the motto of the University of Cincinnati.

Since 2011, part of Coach Butch Jones’ “Represent the C” slogan, the football team has taken the field with the city of Cincinnati flag leading the way.  We adopted the flag as our trademark and originally flew it under the “RepTheC” banner.  Now that Coach Jones has moved south, we’ve moved away from his catchphrase and have been committed to establishing the Republic of Cincinnati wherever we go – if you see the flag, Cincinnati fans can feel at home!