09/14/19 – Miami Redhawks @ Cincinnati Bearcats

After a forgettable trip to Columbus, it’s safe to say that ALL of us are ready to move on to Miami to get win #2 on the season, #58 in the series (UC currently trails 59-57-7), and #14 STRAIGHT!

Our tailgate theme will be #BeckyFromOxford & the Bearcats will be rocking their new UA throwbacks:

Tailgate info: 

What:  Cincinnati Bearcats host the Miami Redhawks.

When:  Saturday, September 14.  Kickoff time is 12pm, we plan to have the trailer in place by 6am.

Where:  Tailgate Alley at the Grid, Sigma Sigma Commons, University of Cincinnati main campus – spot #3.  Park in a garage or on nearby streets and walk over to the tailgate.  If you’ll already be at The Grid, feel free to stop by to say hello!

Who:  All are welcome!  This is a “community” style tailgate – BYOB.  We always have extra food, but plan accordingly if you intend to eat.  Most importantly, come prepared to have fun!

You’re welcome (and encouraged) to contribute – feel free to bring some “community” beer to throw in the big, white cooler or stuff some money in the donation box located near the food table.  Contributions are not required but go a long way to helping our tailgate to grow.


  • Donuts
  • Chicken & waffles, breakfast casserole, bacon, quiche, and more
  • Mimosas, Franzia boxed wine, White Claws, & 50 West beer

Please help us spread the word and feel free to reach out to us with questions/comments via twitter, facebook, or the comment form below.

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  1. Hello! I was hoping to get more information about your tailgates. I am hosting a bachelorette party full of UC alums and we are going to the Miami game!

    1. All are welcome – we’ll be setup early Saturday (6-6:30am) and will have plenty of food & beverages available. Feel free to contribute by bringing something or drop some money in our donation box that’ll help fund future tailgates.

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