What a year.  The last time, before today, that our website was updated was Wednesday, February 19.  The schedule had just been released a few weeks prior, we had already had hotel rooms booked at a number of upcoming road games (including Nebraska), and we were getting ready to start thinking about the potential for the 2020 season.

Then Covid happened.  

It became obvious, early on that we wouldn’t be tailgating this season, even if we somehow were allowed in Nippert, so the website didn’t get updated.

One fun thing that did happen between men’s basketball senior night vs Temple and football season was the approval of our trademark for “Republic of Cincinnati”, which helps us protect the brand that we’ve built over the last 8+ years:


Flash forward to Tuesday, December 8 and the Bearcats sit at 8-0 and were about to roll into the final game of the season @ Tulsa, with the winner hosting the AAC Championship game on December 19.  Covid is still happening, and chaos still ensues…with the 12/12 game being cancelled today, we’ll know more about when, where, and IF we’ll actually be able to attend the AAC Championship game later this evening.

In the meantime, we’ve got regular updates coming to this site, including our buddy Joe’s (@djbarnett) weekly takes on upcoming games.

Stay tuned and GO BEARCATS!

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