09/09/23 – Cincinnati Bearcats @ Pitt Panthers

09/09/23 – Cincinnati Bearcats @ Pitt Panthers

The first road trip of the season takes us to a familiar city versus a familiar, former (and future? 🤔) conference foe.  Unfortunately, the Paddlewheel Trophy won’t be at stake, so it’ll just have to remain in the Lindner Center, where it’s been since the Bearcats last beat Pitt 34-10 on September 6, 2012.

With some glimpses of offensive greatness vs EKU last week, we’re excited to see what UC can do against a more evenly matched team.  Regardless of the outcome, we plan to have an amazing tailgate (highs in the upper 70s, lows in the upper 50s) and we’ll always have:

Game info:

Travel: Due to the 6:30pm kickoff on Saturday, 9/9, we will be departing Cincinnati early on Saturday morning (by 7am or so from the east side).  Let us know if you’d like to caravan, otherwise we’ll see you in Pittsburgh!

Lodging: The Steelers have a home game on Sunday, so hotels are at a premium.  We will be staying at the Hampton Inn Pittsburgh/Greentree ~15 minutes from the stadium (we needed a surface lot, garages don’t work with the trailer).

Tickets: We sat in the away fan section in the upper deck in 2009 when Mardy Gilyard, Tony Pike, and Armon Binns put the team on their backs and secured an undefeated season…this time, we wanted to be a little closer to the action.  We’ve secured the following and encourage you to sit with us, especially if you’ll be tailgating with us beforehand:

Update – according to the UC ticket office, the visiting fan sections will be the top half of sections 517-515. 



Attire:  Bearcats fans are encouraged to WEAR RED for contrast!

Tailgate info: 

What:  Cincinnati Bearcats @ Pittsburgh Panthers.

When:  Saturday, September 9, 2023.  Kickoff time is 6:30pm, the trailer will be set up by 12:30pm and we will begin cleaning up/tearing down around 5:45pm to allow plenty of time for everyone to get to their seats prior to kickoff.

Where:  We will be tailgating at the “Pittsburgh Marshal Yard” at 701 Fulton Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15233.  The lot is approximately 0.4 miles from the stadium and should take about 10 minutes to walk.

(click for full size)

Due to our trailer size, we have paid $300 to secure a spot large enough to accommodate our group, but have been told that parking will be $40/car on the day of the event (Glenn, who manages the lot and will be working on game day, said that if you mention Republic of Cincinnati that he will discount to $30!). 

The lot will be open by noon and all vehicles must be out of the lot by 6am on Sunday, 9/10 due to the Steelers-49ers game.

More information directly from PPG Public Parking.  Pre-purchases only for larger vehicles – if you’re thinking about bringing your trailer/RV, we encourage you to call Glenn at 412-231-0175.  

We suggest that you make plans to join us in this lot, as all of the official Pittsburgh lots have very strict rules:

  • “No space will be sold exclusively for tailgating in any North Shore location. Space is sold only for the purpose to park a vehicle.”
  • “No tents, beach umbrellas, portable toilets, limos, RVs or any other oversized vehicles are permitted.”
  • “Parking lots will be open five (5) hours prior to game time for football events. Cars will not be permitted to sit in front of the entrance to the lot prior to the lot opening.”


  • Giorgio’s Place pizza – 15 large pies (5 cheese, 5 pepperoni, & 5 sausage) will be delivered ~2pm.
  • Cooler stocked with Cincy Light & water – with 4 adults in the tow vehicle + the weight of the trailer, we’re going to have limited capacity.  Cincy Light was a MASSIVE HIT at The Grid vs EKU and we anticipate the same in Pittsburgh, where the locals drink swill called IC Light. We highly encourage you to BYOB and plan to drink or take home any extras that you bring, we hope to tow the trailer home as empty as possible.

Who:  All are welcome (as long as you can abide by some simple rules)!  This is a “community” style tailgate.  We always have extra food, but plan accordingly if you intend to eat. 


We welcome contributions:

Please help us spread the word and feel free to reach out to us with questions/comments via twitter, facebook, instagram, or the comment form below.

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