01/02/20 – 2020 Birmingham Bowl – Bearcats vs Boston College Eagles

Unfortunately, due to timing and distance, our group (and trailer) will not formally be making the trip.  However, our BearGate friends from the Tailgate Alley (spot #2) will be taking their RV and will be flying the Republic of Cincinnati flag as the unofficial Bearcats fan tailgate!  Details below, but look for this setup:

Tailgate info: 

What:  Cincinnati Bearcats vs BC Eagles – 2020 Birmingham Bowl

When:  Thursday, Jan 2, 2020.  Kickoff time is 2pm CST, BearGate will have their RV in place at 7am CST.

Where:  UC’s official activities will take place in the “Fan Zone” on the east side of the stadium, so BearGate will be setting up as close as possible in the marked “Target RV Parking” on the NE side of the stadium.

Per the Birmingham Bowl, parking costs are:

  • General Parking – $20
  • Bus Parking – $25
  • RV parking – $20/day + $10 if towing a vehicle
  • For more details, call (205) 254-2391

Who:  Similar to our tailgates, this is a “community” style tailgate.  BYOB and something to throw on the grill – while there might be extra food available, don’t count on it since it’s so hard to account for attendance at a bowl game. 

You’re encouraged to toss a few dollars to Brandon & co if you join their tailgate – they’ll serve as great hosts and would probably appreciate the extra gas $ to get that RV to and from Alabama.

If you’re going, bring home a winner – we’ll see you back on The Grid on September 5, 2020 vs Austin Peay!

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  1. 80% chance of rain, Bearcats fans so wear your ponchos! I took my grandson to Memphis to see his first Bearcats game and he got to meet Coach Fickell, Desmond, and Perry Young, the senior LB who is from the Birmingham area. Needless to say my grandson is excited to see his Bearcats team again and is looking for a W this time!

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