10/21/23 – Baylor Bears @ Cincinnati Bearcats

10/21/23 – Baylor Bears @ Cincinnati Bearcats

It’s been 7 weeks since the Bearcats week 1 victory against EKU and 6 weeks since our last victory, on the road vs Pitt.  This isn’t what Bearcats fans have come to expect…Nippert, which was once a fortress, has seen 3 straight losses…

So let’s get this out of the way…

Point being, the season so far isn’t what we want…it’s not what we expect…but we knew coming into this season that we’d encounter challenges.  Fans are getting restless, Twitter/X is almost unbearable (we’re part of the problem), and people are demanding results.  

That’s where you come in…

How to help:

  • Contribute to Cincy Reigns – NIL funds directly impact our staff’s ability to recruit, including potential transfers that can make an immediate impact
  • Buy & drink Cincy Light – a portion from the sale of every case (and in some cases, pint) is directly donated to Cincy Reigns!
  • Tailgate, show up early, be loud, stay late! 

You do your best, boys, we’ll do the rest, boys

Tailgate info: 

What:  Cincinnati Bearcats host the Baylor Bears.

When:  Saturday, October 21, 2023.  Kickoff time is 12pm, the trailer will be set up by 6am and we will begin cleaning up/tearing down around 11:15am to allow plenty of time for everyone to get to their seats prior to kickoff.

Where:  Tailgate Alley at the Grid, Sigma Sigma Commons, University of Cincinnati main campus – spot #3.  Park in a garage or on nearby streets and walk over to the tailgate.  If you’ll already be at The Grid, feel free to stop by to say hello!


  • Chicken & waffles
  • Donuts & other misc sides
  • Cooler stocked with Cincy Light / Mimosas / NA cooler with water, Coke, and Gatorade / Coffee bar with Kahlua & Baileys


Who:  All are welcome (as long as you can abide by some simple rules)!  This is a “community” style tailgate.  We always have extra food, but plan accordingly if you intend to eat. 


We welcome contributions:

Please help us spread the word and feel free to reach out to us with questions/comments via twitter, facebook, instagram, or the comment form below.

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